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Box Trailers: A Guide For Beginners

Box trailers are an ever-constant part of life for many of us. Whether we use them for moving home or doing our jobs, Australia has embraced box trailers as one of the most versatile trailer varieties out there. With that said, just because they’re always around, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we all know how to use them correctly, and using a trailer can be quite intimidating for new drivers.

At Big Man Trailer Co, we provide Australian drivers with a wide selection of galvanised box trailer options, as well as trailer varieties for an array of needs and requirements. So, naturally, we have spent quite a lot of time speaking with drivers and answering questions about how to care for them, and how to get the most use out of them. So, whilst we’ve discussed box trailers in the past, we felt it would be a good idea to look on the topic again, and add some more details for new trailer owners.

What Makes a Box Trailer Unique?

If you have a picture in your head of a trailer, chances are that it’s a box trailer design. These open-top trailers provide a surprising amount of versatility by not limiting the height of items that can be placed. Whilst there are trailer types that will offer more overall protection, namely enclosed trailers, your standard single-axle or tandem-axle box trailer will allow you to fit things that an enclosed trailer of the same size just won’t be able to.

Not only that but for those that do require that extra support and safety, there are box trailer cages that can be attached to an existing trailer. These custom additions and add-ons allow the standard box trailer to be effective across most jobs that you could require.

8x5 Dual Axle Galvanised Heavy Duty Cage Trailer

What Are Box Trailers Used For?

With the fact that they can be altered and customised as needed, there are few fields in which you won’t see box trailers. Sure, if you’re carrying livestock, you’ll want to go for a different variety such as a cattle trailer to support the animal, but in terms of most jobs, paired with a detachable cage, the box trailer is sure to be an absolutely fantastic solution.

With all that said, however, box trailers can be considered the more general-use trailer option. They’re great for personal use, allowing for the transporting of furniture, hay bales, hard rubbish, and other items that benefit from the trailer’s ease of use and size variety.

Are There Different Kinds of Box Trailers?

As with any kind of trailer, there will be different varieties that are going to offer different benefits and downsides when compared to one another. For box trailers specifically, this tends to come down to three main factors:

  • Weight capacity
  • Size
  • Axle type

The first two variables are pretty self-explanatory, but the third is where people can get tripped up. See, box trailers tend to be divided into two groups, single-axle trailers and dual/tandem-axle trailers, with each having its own list of advantages and disadvantages we will likely go into at a later date.

For today’s purposes, we’ll just leave it at the fact that single-axle trailers are lighter-weight and more affordable, but they don’t offer the same weight capacity when compared to a tandem trailer of the same size and build. Of course, there is a lot more that can be discussed on the topic, and the differences between trailers are rarely that simple, but it’s something to break down in its own article.


Do I Need a Coating For My Box Trailer?

Honestly, this is one of the more interesting questions that we’ve seen, as contrary to popular belief, it’s quite rare that you get a trailer without some kind of protective coating. Box trailers, both inside and out, are completely at war with the elements, the road, and in some cases, the items they are carrying, so an uncoated box trailer would have an incredibly short lifespan when compared to that of a galvanised trailer.

That’s why the galvanised coating exists, to protect the trailer and prevent the buildup of rust. In turn, this is also why every single box trailer that Big Man Trailer Co has is galvanised for quality and protection purposes. So, the short answer is yes, if you’re planning on buying a trailer, expect a coating. You should also ask your trailer provider about the coating, as there are different types. We at Big Man Trailer Co believe galvanising to be the ideal solution for box trailers, so we recommend going with that as your main choice.


So, there we have it, part two of our original piece on box trailers. There’s always more to be discussed when it comes to box trailers, and trailers in general, which is why we keep writing trailer blogs like this. Hopefully, you found some of our information helpful, and it has given you a few more things to think about in your own box trailer journey. If you have any questions, feel free to contact The Big Man Trailer Co today.


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