Buying an Excavator? Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to buying conventional excavators for your job site, the decision is critical. Excavators are powerful work tools that can be extremely versatile, and the correct choice can significantly impact your project’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This guide aims to provide key insights into the factors you should consider when buying a mini or compact excavator, targeting essential aspects such as excavator weight classes, excavator size classes, arm configurations and bucket capacity.

Importance of Size, Weight Class, and Tail Swing

The size of the excavator is a primary consideration. Determining the right size involves assessing the required dig depth and height for dumping materials, as well as the restrictions of the job site and tight spaces in which you may be required to work. The excavator’s dimensions are crucial for ensuring access to all areas of the job site, especially in commercial or residential properties with small spaces. For work involving narrow passages, a conventional tail-swing excavator is ideal. Excavator sizes range widely, from mini excavators to compact excavators, mid-sized excavators and large excavators weighing up to 80 tonnes.

Arm Configurations

The arm configuration of mini excavators affects their lifting capability and digging performance. For enhanced reach and maximum digging depth, a mini excavator with a long-arm option can be highly efficient, minimising the need for constant repositioning. Short or zero tail swing models are particularly suitable for confined spaces, providing agility in busy domestic and commercial construction sites.

Bucket Capacitybuying capacity

Bucket capacity will be closely tied to the size of the excavator you require, as smaller, less-powerful excavators can only handle smaller buckets compared to large excavators. Be sure to assess the bucket capacity when you’re buying an excavator, as although a smaller excavator may be cheaper and offer better access to confined sites, the reduced bucket capacity will increase the time it takes to complete a job.

Power and Performance

The tasks you expect to perform with the excavator determine whether a compact excavator or a larger model is suitable. While smaller, or mini excavators offer precision in confined spaces, they will have a smaller digging force and lifting capacity compared to mid-sized excavators, making it necessary to balance the need for power and performance with the tight spaces and other limitations that can often be found on site. With that said, it is possible to find compact excavators that offer both manoeuvrability and sufficient power for larger-scale tasks.

On the other hand, while larger models excel in demanding tasks, offering robust hydraulics and higher horsepower, but have the drawback of size. For this reason, many large excavators are used in the early stages of projects to break ground and shape the job site, before being swapped out for compact excavators or mini excavators, whose reduced size, enhanced access and manoeuvrability are desired as a project progresses.

Comfort Features and Technologycomfort features and technology

Operators spend long hours in the seats of their excavators, and yet their comfort is too often overlooked during the buying process. From simple aspects of comfort such as having a properly shaped and padded seat to the ergonomics of driver’s compartment, an excavator that is well-equipped can significantly enhance worker satisfaction and productivity. Comfortable operating equipment is particularly valuable for businesses involve infrastructure construction projects, where long hours are the norm for operators and discomfort can rapidly impact morale.

Transportation Considerations

The weight and size of the excavator also influence its transportability. Understanding the weight limits for hauling the excavator is essential, as larger models require more substantial transportation arrangements such as semi-trucks and flatbed trailers. Additionally, it’s important to consider any weight limitations on roads or bridges and the need for transportation permits.

Ease of transportation is one area where compact excavators have a significant advantage over larger excavators, as they can typically be loaded onto a plant trailer and towed behind a standard work ute.


Budget is one of the least flexible buying considerations for businesses and often the deciding factor between choosing one excavator over another. While budget considerations are vital, choosing an excavator that aligns with your regular needs and provides flexibility for occasional larger tasks is crucial, and may be worth going slightly over-budget for where possible.

At Big Man Trailer Co, our selection of MXG excavators range from $11,990 for the XE10 Mini Excavator, $29,990 for the XE20, to $38,990 for the SE27U and $43,990 for the SE28U, providing options for a range of budgets.

Health and Safety Considerations

Opting for an excavator from a reputable manufacturer ensures compliance with safety standards and legislation. Features that enhance safety and efficiency, as well as support services like warranties, are important for the long-term value of your excavator and your peace of mind as an owner.

At Big Man Trailer Co, we are proud to stock a selection of versatile excavators from leading Australian manufacturer MXG, so our customers can rest assured that they are investing in quality equipment built to Australian standards.

Equip Your Business with an MXG Excavator from The Big Man Trailer Co

Choosing the right excavator requires careful consideration of various factors, including size, power, operator comfort, transportation, budget, and safety. By thoroughly evaluating these aspects, you can ensure that your investment in an excavator is well-suited to your project’s needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity on your job site, and enabling your excavator to be operated safely. Remember, while excavator size and weight classes are crucial, aligning these with your specific project requirements will result in a more successful purchase.

With five models from Melbourne’s own MXG, our range of mini excavators and compact excavators offers something for everyone. Explore the range now to equip your business for success with MXG excavators and The Big Man Trailer Co. Shop excavators today!

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