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185R14C light truck tyre test and compare.

30/05/2017 Big Man Trailer

Today we talk about the most popular tyre used in the trailer industry. Most trailers in Australian market are fitted with 185R14C light truck tyre. We will introduce more about the stud pattern, offset, powder coated, etc. in next article. Here let's focus on the quality of the tyre. 

Most people understand Light Truck tyre or Commerical Tyre is better for trailers because they can carry more weight. However, there's still a huge difference between them even they have the same capacity and same size. it is really hard for retail customers to compare the quality of it. Now we choose three different tires to show you some little tricks.

Compare with Other Brand on the market, we bring all these wheels to our technicals to test. 
  • exterior ----- all these tires stamped 185R14C 8py. Max speed has some difference. the highest one can go 160km/h. Then we measure the diameter and width. they have a difference in few mm. There's not much difference. 
  • Weight.------ we weight all these three tires then we notice there about 1kg between the heaviest one and lightest one. As we now the less rubber they use the less cost it is. 
  • Tread ----- this is the easiest part to compare whether it is a good tyre. Customers can easily see it by naked eyes.There are two things we need to check. One is the thickness of the tread, we find out the thickest one almost double thickness of the cheap ones. The second parts you can compare the width of the gap as well. The wider ones will be better. 

    OUR PROCUTS                                        A                                              B

After this basic compare, we bring them to run a professional test. Here's a table to show you all the figures. 

                                          OUR PRODUCT             OTHER BRAND A           OTHER BRAND B
Tyre Strength                       1504 J                           631.4 J                            580 J
Strength Percentage             292.60%                       122.80%                           112.80%
Durable Test                         73h 9min                      45h 44m                           43h 21m
Tyre Weight                          10.36kg                        9.71kg                              9.12kg
Tread Thickness                    7mm                            4mm                                3mm
Tread Width                          12mm                          6mm                                4mm
Diameter                               649mm                        647mm                            648mm

From the table we can see, the tyre weight is at least half kilo heavier than the average. Even 1kg more than some cheap brand. Diameter is bigger 1mm. Also, the most important thin is the strength. Our tyre is nearly 300% strength than the standard, it can carry much more weight. Another important data is Durable Test. We test in our tyre and others on the market. Our durability is twice longer than the others. The others only just pass the standard. It means ours tyre life is longer and anti-overload ability is much stronger.

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