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                                                                   Single Axle

                                                               With the capabilities of carrying up 
                                                                to 750kg,  hot dip galvanized body
                                                                a single axle trailer can suit all kinds
                                                                of medium duty use.Multiple sizes 
                                                                 available from 6*4 to 8*5


                                                                                                          Tandem Axle 

More ATM up to 2000kg galvanized 

body and fully weld surface, tandem axle

 trailer holds a lot more and sure can be 

used like a heavy-duty trailer,Multiple

 sizes available from 8*5 to 10*6.


Hydraulic Tipper

Carrying up to 3500kg, a hydraulic tipper 

type can handle more than you think,

 with the help of the hydraulic,  loading

 and unloading are never been so easy,

large room of storage van meet any

 heavy duty, Multiple sizes available

 from 8*5 to 10*6.

Car Carrier

Light weighted car carrier, size 15*6,

 carries a car smooth and easy.

Motorcycle  Trailers

Capable of carrying 3 motorcycles a time, 

suitable for taking you and your friend for

 ride on the weekend. Size 8*5, easy to go.