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Couple-Mate Trailer Guide & Lock Chassis Hitch Towball Towing Accessory CM001


COUPLE-MATE 4WD, Trailer, Camper and Caravan Parts   Couple-Mate Trailer Guide & Lock   Can be fitted in minutes. Remove wing when not in use. Avoids damage to the back of your vehicle. Saves time and effort on every hook-up. Avoids arguments with your co-driver. Self aligns your trailer directly over your tow ball. Suits most tow bars.TIP1: To insure correct height during hitchup count the number of links on the ground from your safety chain when unhitching trailer. When camping or during long stays it is likely the trailer or camper wheels will sink slightly and/or children may adjust jack. When hitching up, count the links on the ground again and adjust height to original position. TIP2: During hitchup back your vehicle approximately 3' from the coupling head. Exit the vehicle and inspect that the wing is in close proximity to engage the trailer coupling head. Reverse until you feel Couplemate center the trailer, then reverse and look in the mirror to see the trailer move approximate 1'. This procedure ensures your trailer is out of the wheel ruts and will easily move backwards or forwards when you wind down the jack wheel. This procedure helps eliminate the tongue of the trailer coupling from becoming struck on top of the tow ball and ensures a correct hookup.**instruction for fitting and use were printed on the packaging box**   COME IN & SEE OUR RETAIL SHOP! Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm,