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If you need to secure your load and haul more in your trailer, our trailer cages are the perfect way to do so. Constructed from a galvanised steel mesh and featuring a swing rear door, these trailer cages allow you to fit more into your trailer and keep it there while you’re on the road. Available in a range of sizes to suit your trailer, discover our selection below and find the trailer cage that’s right for you.

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Trailer Cage FAQs

A trailer cage is a galvanised steel lattice that attaches to your trailer and keeps its contents secure. For this reason, trailer cages are often valuable for hauling items like furniture or building materials, and allow you to stack your load higher than you would be able to without the cage.
No, you do not need a cage on your trailer in order to use it, although a cage does keep your cargo secure during transit and also allows you to load your trailer higher.
A cage trailer is a trailer with an open-topped steel cage around the tray, box trailers have solid walls on all four sides as well as a roof. The solid construction of a box trailer offers enhanced security and is preferable for transporting fragile items which might be affected by the weather.