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Trailer Wheels and Tyres

Trailer Wheels and Tyres

With our range of trailer wheels and tyres, you’ll always have a spare on hand. So no matter what happens, you can get your trailer back on the road and back to work with minimal downtime. Browse our range of trailer wheels and trailer tyres below to make sure you’re always prepared for a puncture.

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Trailer Wheel FAQs

Every Big Man Trailer comes with a set of Sunraysia rims and light truck tyres, and although you can change them if you want to, it is generally not necessary to do so. However, if you do want to change your wheels, it is important to know what tyre you want, how much weight the tyre is capable of supporting, and how much the tyre itself will weigh, as it will impact the ATM of your trailer.
While you can put bigger wheels on your trailer, keep in mind that doing so could impact the trailer's function. Larger wheels may rub on the trailer body, damaging them and increasing the risk of a blowout, while the additional weight of larger wheels could damage your axles or exceed your trailer's legal weight limit.
As most trailers are used for short local trips, it is not necessary to balance the wheels regularly, unless they become noticeably out of balance. However, we do suggest balancing your wheels if you plan to be travelling long distances or will be on the highway regularly, where high speeds are likely.
It's normal for your trailer wheels to have a small amount of play in them, ideally no more than a few millimetres. However, if your tyre is noticeably loose or rocks from side to side while it is spinning, the bearings need servicing or replacement.