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If you’re searching for trailers for sale in Melbourne, our range of high-quality trailers is sure to impress. Whether you’re a tradesman, a DIY enthusiast, or a business owner looking to transport goods or equipment, Big Man Trailer Co offers a solution tailored to your needs. Our quality trailers are designed to meet the diverse demands of Melbourne’s residents and businesses, ensuring reliability, durability, and versatility for all.

Explore the range below and find your nearest Melbourne Big Man dealer today!

Single Axle Trailers: The Perfect Companion for Small Jobssingle-trailer

Our selection of single axle trailers is ideal for those looking to haul garden waste, shift furniture, or transport equipment for camping and gardening. Crafted from premium hot-dipped galvanised steel, these trailers are not only durable but also resistant to rust and corrosion. Available in sizes from 6x4ft to 8x5ft and with a maximum weight rating of 750kg, there’s a single axle trailer to suit every small job.

Tandem Trailers: For Those Heavy-Duty Hauling Needs

For more significant hauling requirements, our tandem trailers offer the robustness needed to handle big loads. Built to last and withstand tough conditions, these trailers are perfect for commercial use, offering various dimensions and weight ratings to match your specific needs, from 8x5ft to 12x6ft.

Additionally, every one of our tandem trailers comes with a durable, removable 600mm galvanised steel cage to ensure the security of your load, as well as your safety and that of other road users.

Hydraulic Tipper Trailers: Efficiency at Its Best

Upgrade your hauling experience with our hydraulic tipper trailers, designed for easy and efficient unloading. Ideal for transporting heavy loads across industries like construction, mining, and agriculture, these trailers promise durability and peace of mind with a weight rating of up to 3.5T, and offer a simple and highly efficient solution that will transform the way you work.

Livestock Trailers: Safe and Comfortable Animal Transport

Ensure the safe and comfortable transportation of livestock with our specially designed cattle trailers. Featuring removable cattle crates and multifunctional gated ramps, these trailers are a farmer or smallholder’s best friend. Manoeuvrable and built to keep your stock safe and secure on the road, they’re the ultimate farm companion and perfect for long                                                              and short journeys alike.

Flat-Top Trailers: Engineered for Reliability

Our flat-top trailers are specifically engineered for the transport of oversized materials. Designed to open on all four sides, our flat top trailers make loading and unloading a breeze, and allow you to adapt the trailer to the unique demands of your cargo. The 300mm sides are also able to be removed fully, so you don’t need to worry about them rattling around when you’re heading down the highway.

Plant Trailers: Designed for Ease of Use and Security

Our plant trailers are designed with the user in mind, featuring low loading heights and secure locking systems to facilitate easy and safe transportation of your heavy equipment. Constructed from premium hot-dipped galvanised steel, our plant trailers are built to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring they can withstand even the toughest conditions. With models weight-rated from 2.8-3.5T, our plant trailers allow you to transport your heavy machinery with confidence and ease.

                                         Aluminium Canopy Trailers: Secure Storage on the Go

For those requiring secure storage for their tools and equipment, our aluminium trailer canopies offer a lightweight and corrosion-resistant solution, ensuring your possessions are protected from the elements and theft. Choose from our single-axle or tandem-axle tradesman trailers, or opt for our luggage trailer and give yourself more storage than you’ll ever need ahead of those summer camping trips.

Specialist Trailers: The Right Tool for the Job

Our selection of specialist trailers is where you’ll find all of our trailers that are designed for a certain purpose. From car trailers to scissor lift trailers, livestock trailers and more, these specialist trailers are the perfect choice when no other trailer will do.

       Tradie Trailers: The Ultimate in Tool Security

                                                                              If you’re looking for unbeatable security, storage, and efficiency at the job site, our tradie trailers are sure to please. Spacious and sophisticated, our tradie trailers feature roof-mounted solar panels, onboard water tanks, plugs, sockets, slide-out drawers and more. Stylish and rock-solid, these trailers will keep your tools protected and ensure you’re the envy of everyone on site.


Visit One of Our Multiple Sales Yards for a Quality Trailer in Melbourne

Explore our range of quality trailers firsthand by visiting one of our five Melbourne business locations, located in Carrum Downs, Moorabbin, Lilydale, Pakenham, and Campbellfield. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in finding the perfect trailer to meet your needs, ensuring you leave with a solution that’s right for you.

Whether you’re in the market for a single-axle trailer for home use or a heavy-duty trailer for commercial purposes, Big Man Trailer Co in Melbourne has the variety and quality you’re looking for. Explore our range online today, find your nearest dealer and take the first step towards finding your ideal trailer solution.

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